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          ABOUT ME and          FISHKINFILMS

Tim Cutler on green background
Tim Cutler with Super 8 film camera

Writing and performing poetry took up much of the 90s -my work has appeared in publications in England and Ireland. My sculpture work has been exhibited in Europe and Asia. Work as an actor included theatre tours throughout England and Scotland. Film from Super 8 on, has been a constant.

Between 2001 and 2006 I worked and travelled extensively in the Middle East, filming as I went. My experiences culminated in the documentary The Day the World Turned Dayglo made by the newly formed Fishkinfilms which appeared at four international film festivals in 2010 and 2011 receiving three nominations for best documentary and best international film and two RIFE awards from the UK Film Council and Screen South.


My last film The Fourth Pig - a feature length docufable was in post production, when prolonged illness made it impractical to continue. Based on a short story idea by myself and Adam Whitehall, filming began during the Occupy London movement in the autumn of 2011 before veering off firmly into the world of fairytale and allegory mapping geopolitics and its concealing spin which has dominated world events for so many years now and  for long decades  of  prior Jackanory invention  .


The aggressor spawns a mutant  kin tearing back all semblance of its West Point seeder - keeping nought but the  base black maw , erasion  and the thrashing arm of the zealot . Sam 's bent spooge  born up in  the borders of Kampuchea , now  new born fresh from the hell toll of Fallujah.


Filming on the Fourth Pig took place in many landscapes throughout the UK, Lanzarote,  Andalusia, Austria and the Czech Republic with an international group of cast and crew.

Presently, with ill-health I live deep in the English countryside, spending a good deal of time creating algorithmic sculpture designs, writing and researching that which sustains and fascinates.




It was always the askew. Before film took root there was poetry and theatre, gimcracks then rigour. Cash and understanding came by way of long bouts of teaching at schools and companies in Libya, Italy, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Thailand and Qatar and at universities in Japan, Vietnam, South Korea and Oman. My travels inform much of my work and outlook on life. I studied English Literature in the UK, Film in Denmark and Sculpture at Visva Bharati University, India - founded by Nobel Prize poet Rabindranath Tagore whose philosophy of education under open skies still has its repercussions particularly in the Fine Art department built deep in rural West Bengal where sculptures are in frequent danger of becoming feed for wandering cows or being carried off high into trees by troupes of local monkeys.



Fish rising diagonal to surface
Fish rising diagonal to surface
Fish rising diagonal to surface on pink
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